Barb Pitcock


CEO/Founder of a New Network Marketing Company

Barb Pitcock is an internationally sought after speaker, author of many CD training sets and the book, NO GUTS, NO STORY, and now CEO/Founder of a new wellness network marketing company launched in 2023, which leads with a unique affiliate program and strategy.

Barb’s story of going from financial disaster to a self-made multi-millionaire has given many people the belief that “they too can succeed.” Barb knows from experience what it takes to become successful and has overcome so many adversities that anyone in the audience can relate to her stories. But her real passion has always been one of helping others find success and happiness in all areas of their lives. Barb Pitcock is not only a leader in the field of sales, but a coach in the game of LIFE.

Barb Pitcock has built many businesses and understands the formulas for success and the most important asset—the people. Early on, she was the top producer in two companies where she worked from home, generating enough income to (temporarily)retire at the age of 24. Since her return to the world of direct marketing, she has set records in the industry and leads by example: “You can’t teach what you don’t know, and you can’t lead where you don’t go...” Barb is always ready to lead you with her hands-on training and coaching.

As a motivational speaker, Barb is often invited to speak for audiences within the Direct Selling industry, including network marketing distributors, teens, church groups, CEOs and top corporate leaders of direct sales companies and many others.

Barb’s personal development series includes goals such as developing strong relationships, overcoming fear, growing spiritually, conquering procrastination, setting goals and committing to achieve them, curing excusitis, and achieving financial freedom. Barb has committed her life to empowering others to believe in themselves and break out of the 40-year rut—and many have accomplished more in their first 90 days than they ever thought possible. Barb’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and you cannot deny the increased belief you have in yourself after hearing her training programs.

Barb was in a bankruptcy crisis at the age of 23 when she had two babies and one on the way. Things were definitely not looking up for the Pitcock family. Many other obstacles and setbacks beset them, but these two “Kids from the Heartland” persevered to overcome every challenge that stood in their way. What turned things around was the difficult decision to start a home based business. They made the decision—that’s the secret to success in any business—making a decision and conquering all excuses.

Now as CEO & Founder, together with her husband Dave and family members, the Pitcocks are leading one of the new “start-ups that standout” in the modern network marketing space.