Julia Thornhill


From Food Stamps to Transformational, Inspirational Leader

Despite Julia Thornhill growing up on food stamps, moving out at 16, starting out with no social media presence after her journey as a former military member who served in Iraq in 2008, she’s a testament that anyone can rise to the top from humble beginnings.

A former marketing director and mom of 2 littles who now leads a dynamic faith-based team spanning over 20 countries and has created over 100 organic 6-figure earners by distributing nearly $100 million in commissions to her organization.

Known for hosting transformational events for her team, including marriage retreats, women's empowerment gatherings, masterminds, and leadership boot camps, she’s also achieved her company's highest leadership retention for years and is renowned for her revolutionary systems and a vibrant bold culture.

Lastly, she has crafted a remarkable legacy of raising nearly $1 million for humanitarian causes, combating human trafficking, and aiding hungry families worldwide.