Inspiring Field Leader in Europe and beyond

Award-winning sales & leadership expert, internationally renowned trainer and coach, Thomas Tidlund has inspired and educated audiences around the world. His presentations at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, and Association of Network Marketing Professionals events were attended by tens of thousands.

Having shared the stage with luminaries such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, Thomas shares memorable messages with his audiences as well, messages that transforms the way they see themselves and others.

Thomas is viewed as one of the leading visionaries in his field, being frequently featured in publications such as Networking Times (a leading industry publication for Direct Sales), where he was also honored with the front cover and a 12-page feature.

Thomas also conducts weekly podcasts for his loyal followers, as well as frequent teleconferences for a global audience.

Thomas specializes in working with individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs, direct sales professionals, and network marketers that want prosperity and be more self-aware.

His messages range from ‘Faith it until you make it’ to ‘Leading with Love’. Every message are founded in timeless principles and the Learn – Perform – Lead formula. And regardless of the venue, or audience, he always delivers the message most needed.

Thomas is a loving father and husband, and he takes his health and wellness as seriously as his career and relationships.

Thomas is also intimately involved together with his wife in their nonprofit organization ‘Spirit Wings’ where he donates time and talent to help raise funds.

“Thomas Tidlund is one of the most passionate and professional trainers I’ve ever worked with.”
~Mark Fournier, EMMY Award-Winning Success Coach & Curriculum Developer.

Thomas is married to Donna Johnson, who’s also a top MLM earner from a different company… This power couple have multiple homes. When not traveling, they’re either living in Phoenix, Arizona… Green Bay Wisconsin… or Gothenburg, Sweden.

Favorite Quote:

“What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. What is right is right, even if no one is doing it.”

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